Debut Album '1 Verse' Releases 6/28

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Single: “The Mighty Factory of Death” (released 5/24/19)
Single: “Kali Om” (released 4/26/19)
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Single: “When You’re Gone” b/w “Funeral of Sorrows” (released 11/1/18)
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When You’re Gone – 7″ Vinyl and CD single available at these fine Northwest locations: 
Easy Street, Sonic Boom, Silver Platters (all), Georgetown Music and Quimper Sound.

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“Society of the Silver Cross deliver haunting and cinematic dark rock on When You’re Gone” – Metal Injection 
“Society of the Silver Cross offered the first taste of the band’s brand of lushly layered, darkly emotive ambience. With varying degrees of darkwave moods… sharply produced and tightly knit melodies” –REGEN
Seattle’s Society of the Silver Cross is the new project from from Joe and his wife Karyn that draws heavily from their travels in India. Their debut album, 1 Verse, will be out in June and first single is the droning, meditative “Kali Om.” – Brooklyn Vegan
“Society of the Silver Cross showed itself as a fresh face in gothic music, through its more organic approach to the genre, makes them one of the most promising acts within dark music.” – Filter
““…crafting a musical manifesto that can perhaps best be described as ‘yogic metal’ ” – BlackBook
“Society of the Silver Cross is an interesting hypnotic mix of mystery and romance” – Indie Rocks!
“…a unique style that stands out from the rest of the bands in the Gothic scene” – Konbini
“Society Of The Silver Cross’s inaugural single is a most sagacious opener; a stark but confident creation of real quality and depth that merges the underground with Gothic Americana. Brilliant.” – Monolith Cocktail
“The series of dark textures of the piece contrast the duality between beauty and the dark” – Warp
Intense, layered, lush and just a little disturbing, it’s really rather good.” – Americana UK
“Returning mysticism to the Gothic genre through simplicity seems an almost impossible task… Fortunately, Society of the Silver Cross is the perfect band to achieve that goal.” – What Music Provides
“melodies are an ode to spiritualism in art, an element that at times seems to be forgotten in the creative process, so they end up being perfect to introduce anyone into a powerful trance.” –Digger
“a good haunting melody, lush, perfect sounds and instrumentation, be careful not to get lost” –New Sick Music
 “Society of the Silver Cross is a soft and unforgettable musical breath, do not miss the work of this marriage / band that will give much to talk about” – Chidas 
“Society of the Silver Cross creates mystical and cathartic musical pieces, with a peculiar dreamlike touch.” – Cant Stop the Music
“When You’re Gone is a powerful effort that goes back to the early-nineties style of goth music and makes it important and vital again” – Neufutur
“‘When You’re Gone’ is a dark and mysterious song from an equally mysterious band. Featuring an equally intriguing video, it tantalizes and entwines the listener, with its stirring strings and beguiling vocals”  Essentially Pop
“the visual textures and the somber music take you by the hand for a hypnotic therapy, giving as a result, more than a music video, a very artistic short.” – VELV Magazine
“Layers of instrumentation ebb and flow to mesmerizing effect…We’re intrigued to hear more in 2019” – Songwriting Magazine UK



Society of the Silver Cross is led by husband and wife duo Joe Reineke and Karyn Gold-Reineke of Seattle’s famed recording studio Orbit Audio and includes TK Foster on bass/samples, Aaron Walters on mellotron and shahi baaja and Dave Warburton on drums and percussion. Society of the Silver Cross draw inspiration from their many trips to India, it’s rich musical textures, traditional chanting and spiritual wisdom. The core instruments are 12-string acoustic guitar, harmonium, rare and esoteric synthesizers, B3 organ, mellotron, and shahi baaja (Indian autoharp). The result is an other worldly blend of east and west mixed in a lush state of musical bliss that veers into darker, more cinematic moods. Epic, playful and authentic with unpredictable layers of both male and female vocals, chanty drones, pounding rhythms, beautiful textural landscapes and cosmic atmospheres.


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