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“Wife of the Sea” Temple Hymns, Vol. 1

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“One of the year’s most unique and compelling debuts” – The 405
“Brings Eastern and Western sounds together in songs that sometimes refuse to adhere to any kind of convention” Seattle PI
“Haunting and cinematic dark rock” – Metal Injection 
“Spiritually inclined gothic americana….to doom-laden chants on this haunting debut” – UNCUT
“Lushly layered, darkly emotive ambience. With varying degrees of darkwave moods” –REGEN
“Droning, meditative” – Brooklyn Vegan
“A fresh face in gothic music, makes them one of the most promising acts within dark music.” – Filter
“Crafting a musical manifesto that can perhaps best be described as ‘yogic metal” – BlackBook
“An epic musical journey crossing over to mystical landscapes and otherworldly terrains”  – The Big Takeover
“Displays a black soul and urgent fuzz reminiscent dark alt-rock flair of The Jesus and Mary Chain” – Glide
“One of the most exceptional bands in the Gothic movement worldwide” –
“An interesting hypnotic mix of mystery and romance” – Indie Rocks!
“A unique style that stands out from the rest of the bands in the Gothic scene” – Konbini
 “Gong-sounding harrowed majesty and doom from the pages of The Book Of The Dead” – Monolith Cocktail
“A revitalizing look at the gothic scene of today, as we get into an unexplored reality within our very psyche” – Mr Indie
“The series of dark textures of the piece contrast the duality between beauty and the dark” – Warp
Intense, layered, lush and just a little disturbing, it’s really rather good.” – Americana UK
“Returning mysticism to the Gothic genre through simplicity… the perfect band to achieve that goal.” – What Music Provides
“Melodies are an ode to spiritualism in art they end up being perfect to introduce anyone into a powerful trance.” –Digger
“A good haunting melody, be careful not to get lost” –New Sick Music
“A completely fresh and revitalizing sound…the next sensation of the Gothic world” – Chidas 
“(SSC) creates mystical and cathartic musical pieces, with a peculiar dreamlike touch.” – Cant Stop the Music
“A powerful effort that goes back to the early-nineties style of goth music and makes it important and vital again” – Neufutur
“A dark and mysterious song from an equally mysterious band. Featuring an equally intriguing video”  Essentially Pop
“Music takes you by the hand for hypnotic therapy… more than a music video, a very artistic short.” – VELV
“One of the most interesting proposals of Gothic music in recent years” – Deposito Sonoro
“A kind of hypnotic trance…an open invitation to revitalize the current Gothic scene” – Ska Places
“Layers of instrumentation ebb and flow to mesmerizing effect” – Songwriting Magazine UK



Seattle band Society of the Silver Cross’s debut album ‘1 Verse’ is an epic musical journey crossing over to mystical landscapes and otherworldly terrains, while playing with concepts of life and death, shadows and light and going beyond the veil. Songwriters Joe Reineke and Karyn Gold-Reineke score lush, bombastic and ethereal layers of instrumentation with chant-like vocals at times. Their unique songwriting style is inspired by the textures and melodies of India, blending an ode to hypnosis with a touch of goth and twisted americana. The sound has been described as haunting, gothic graceland, funeral home rock and even “yogic metal”. The 405 raves that “1 Verse” is “One of the year’s most unique and compelling debuts”.

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